Don’t stop writing letters…

web 2013 01 13 Miranda do Douro IMG_1044

“What a lot we lost when we stopped writing letters. You can’t reread a phone call.

Liz Carpenter


I totally miss the thrill of opening the mailbox and finding a letter in it…

the paper, the stamps,  the handwriting, the thick envelopes full of news…

and sometimes even confetti!!!

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6 Responses to Don’t stop writing letters…

  1. mindbender99 says:

    The luxury of technology has truly robbed us of a great art form indeed…

  2. elisaruland says:

    I agree! You’ve motivated me to get to work on writing my thank you notes from the holidays!

  3. unfortunately in the mailbox these days I only find bills to pay… 😦 all friend write either sms or emails, sign of the times

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