Please hold the line…

please hold the line.

please hold the line…

please hold the line…

please hold the line…

tut tut tut….

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4 Responses to Please hold the line…

  1. lazarusdodge says:

    Do I admit that not only do I know what a rotary phone is and have used one, but can literally hear the sound of the dial spinning while I’m look at the photo? 🙂

    • LOL!!! i now have that sound in my head!!!
      i totally get it! and what about the pleasure of lifting the heavy receiver after the loud ringing…

      • lazarusdodge says:

        You don’t dial a phone now – you tap it. Bip bip bip bip. That’s the sound. Back in the day when you spun the dial, you stuck your index finger into the proper hole, turned turned the dial towards the hooked catch, then let it go and watched it slowly spin back. ZIP, rrrrrrrrr, ZIP, rrrrrrrr. The 1’s and the 2’s weren’t bad. But get to the 8’s and the 9’s and it took forever. Not a good idea to be in a rush… 🙂

        Funny now how the classic ringer on our mobile phones imitate the sound of the bell. Do a pretty darn good job of it too….

        – J.

  2. This phone actually works, but the ringer is too loud and I disconnected it: I would jump every time the phone rang!
    our area code starts with a 9: i remember how dialing took FOREVER… and walking while talking: not really an option.. 😉
    other than that it is a much more beautiful phone than the modern ones…

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