The Eye in The Sky

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4 Responses to The Eye in The Sky

  1. peter mcgrath says:

    well I can see that not a pun But the eye looks a bit devilish with the face or looks a bit like my cats noise and eye

  2. lazarusdodge says:

    Saw an exhibition yesterday by Sandra Carrion – these were images printed on transparency film and then transferred to metal. You can see some of the images from the exhibition here:
    I thought of you and your processing technique as soon as I viewed them. Have you ever tried this type of image transfer? As always viewing a jpg online and seeing an actual print are vastly different – but the effects are still stunning…

    – J.

    • Loved the link Jeff, thanks!
      I have not printed anything for a long time (as in a VEEEERY LONG time). It´s on my to do list: learning how to print digital shots properly and what printing options exist…
      I lately feel like my days are just too short for all i want to do (procrastinating included) 🙂
      What you describe she does sounds really interesting, will have to look into it more carefully.
      will keep you updated if i do any printing. 😉

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