Cry Freedom

1998 04 MAD

Grita Libertad

(Lomography: Smartphone Film Scanner.)

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2 Responses to Cry Freedom

  1. garcialagny says:

    I hope not… on the other hand… I’ve spent two years with a real scanner on my desk, and not used it more than twice!
    Try not to scratch those negatives too much… but you do like “old looks”
    too long I’ll try shorter next time.

    • Don´t worry , it´s just a toy. Not expecting too much of it; after all, i´m using my iPhone, so I don’t expect perfection. It does give it an older and grittier look than it actually has…
      and very grainy. 😉

      bit its fun, fast and easy to play with. as i said before: a TOY.

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