I think i´m an onion…

2012 09 VilaSeca car IMG_1444

“If you are clinically insane,

by which I mean you wake up in the morning, and you think you are an onion,

this is your car…” 

Jeremy Clarkson .

 (ok,so he was talking about the the BMW X3, but i like this one better… )

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4 Responses to I think i´m an onion…

  1. Brilliant photo! Glad to hear the Clarkson quote; Top Gear is one of my favourite shows. I just watched one this morning where the three of them have to make camper vans out of cars and go camping in Cornwall. Really funny viewing!

    • lol, i just loved the quote, and it applies to most of the cars l like… the non-practical, vintage and gritty ones…
      i´m afraid i´ve never watched Top Gear, but goggle does wonders when you need a quote… 😉

  2. lazarusdodge says:

    I like this one better, too…so I’m not an onion? 🙂

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